Hello, I'm Silvia Barbaresi

Your personal dietician-dietitian

My philosophy

Physical activity and healthy eating are essential for a general state of health and the prevention of many diseases related to a wrong lifestyle and a neglected diet (metabolic diseases).

I apply my experience to promote healthy habits in those around me and make a healthy lifestyle a principle around which my life revolves. I have made of my great passion for sport, (which I practice regularly) and of the attention I have for nutrition, my profession.

I have a great international and academic experience, having lived and led part of my life as a researcher in various countries

  1. 2008: Scotland, Glasgow (University of Glasgow)
  2. 2013 : Barcelona, Spain UB University / Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona
  3. 2013 till now : Belgium, Ghent University
  4. 2015-2016 : Qatar -Aspire Academy / Aspetar Hospital, Doha

With this site, I can give you the tools to achieve a state of physical and consequently mental well-being that you would never give up. I can guide you in this path by offering all the tools you need

I will help you to:

Start your journey today

Follow a healthy and balanced diet
Pay attention of your daily regime, nutrition and exercise is the key to success.

Practice a physical activity daily
Practice daily a physical activity that is most suitable to you

Manage the Stress
Manage and reduce stress.

Enjoy a Healthy Life
See how your life becomes an adventure, you will have more energy and your life will be healthy.