My name is Silvia Barbaresi

Your personal Nutritionist-Dietitian

I am a Biotechnologist, regularly enrolled in the National Order of Biologists in Italy (Section A, No. 064460), and specialized in Food Biotechnology (Master Degree, Sapienza University of Rome) and in Nutrition and Metabolism (Master Degree at the University of Barcelona). I am currently following a PhD in Biochemistry and Nutrition applied to Sport, at the University of Ghent, in Belgium. I conducted one of my three nutritional intervention studies in athletes at the Aspire Academy for Sport Science, Doha, Qatar.
With this website, I can give you the tools to achieve a state of physical and consequently mental well-being that you will never give up. I can guide you in this path by offering all the tools you need to:

  1. Follow a healthy and balanced diet
  2. Practice daily physical activity that is most suitable to you
  3. Manage and reduce stress

How It Works?

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Follow a healthy and <strong>balanced diet</strong>
Follow a healthy and balanced diet
What is food for? It is the energy your body needs for growing and perform all your daily activities. You have the control of your own diet so decide to be strong and healthy. Nutrition is as much vital as the air you breathe! Do NOT POISON yourself!
Practice daily a <strong>physical activity </strong>
Practice daily a physical activity
Physical activity is a very important task of your daily activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Feed your body with energy, strength and power! Find out the exercise that fits better to your needs.
Manage and <strong>reduce stress</strong>
Manage and reduce stress
Stress is a mix a physiological and hormonal reactions of your body to a phenomenon! They can be very severe and tricky for your health! You can control it, learn how to manage or prevent stress reactions
Enjoy <strong>Your Life</strong>
Enjoy Your Life
Get back the control of your body and your mind. Your life is here and now! How do you want to live it? To the fullest or passively? Have fun, enjoy the family and friends, explore, be curious, immerse yourself in the nature that surrounds you, breathe, be alive!

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