This Project, Nutri4Lifestyle, has the ambition to be an up-to-date and practical guide to dietary supplements, ergogenic aids and sport nutrition foods currently available, with an open-eye on the recent scientific publications and a critical point of view. My efforts will focus on the attempt to combine the scientific evidence with consideration of practical issues. As a sport-lover and investigator, I perfectly recognize the importance of nutrition in exercise and sport because it affects the adaptations to physical activity and exercise, weight control and maintenance, the performance of exercise itself, whether by professional athletes or those who are physically active for health care.


Nutrition is what keep us alive, influencing every process in the body involved in the metabolism, energy production and growth (as well as recovery from exercise). To understand and apply the principles of sport nutrition I will provide some basic understanding of the science of nutrition, as well as some tips of the biochemical and physiological processed that occur in the cells and tissues…

In this Nutri4Lifesyle route, you will find all the information you are looking for and a complete assistance to focus and finally accomplish your goals.

I will provide tailor-made advices for diet rehabilitation plans (suitable for adults, children and adolescents), low-calorie and high-calorie diet depending on the needs and personalized food plan, nutritional advice for intolerances and / or allergies, tips for the sportsman, athletes or simply active people (preparation of the race, training, recovery etc ...)


Moreover, Nutri4Lifestyle is a platform where you will learn how to choose the right food for you, the perfect combination, chemistry of food and the bioactive components. We will dig into the molecular aspect of special, healthy food, trying to unravel the mechanism and the properties that make them so special, good for our health, and therefore, essential in our diet. I grew up in the Mediterranean Basin and I had the luxury to unconsciously follow what is nowadays worldwide recognized as the Healthiest Dieting and Lifestyle Model: the Mediterranean Diet.

Team Member

Fabio Strati



Hello, I’m Fabio Strati I am a cook who loves cooking and conveying this passion of mine to others. I lived in Piedmont, Calabria and currently live in Pesaro. I am fully convinced that these transfers have contributed to my

Silvia Barbaresi

Molecular biologist - Nutritionist

Team Leader

Hello, I’m Silvia Barbaresi My philosophy Physical activity and healthy eating are essential for a general state of health and the prevention of many diseases related to a wrong lifestyle and a neglected diet (metabolic diseases). I apply my experience

Alessandro Grillo

Scientific popularizer


No worries! You will enjoy it because you will learn how to take care of your body and essentially of your health, in a very simple and practical way!