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We are what we eat! We should be aware of the effect of nutrients on our body and our mind. Our food elections directly affect our health. But it is important to realize that we are all diverse and we respond in different way to food. We need to choose foods that are healthy for us and therefore we have to be informed about the alternatives in the diets that better suits to us.

Every person responds differently to the same food.

We will dig into your own characteristics in terms of dietary habits, level of physical activity, food sensitivity or allergies/intolerance to make a proper selection of the food we will include in your diet. Together we will make a follow up of your response to the nutrient intake and we will learn how to combine different foods to make sure you will have a balanced diet with the proper macro and micro-nutrient intake. Moreover, according to your personal needs and phase of your life (age, sex, physical activity level, pregnancy or menopause, teenage etc…) this dietary plan will change to better supply all the needs related to that stage. In case, we will evaluate, in an individualized way, the best food supplement to introduce in your day! Never forget that physical activity is essential to reach a complete state of health!

The body is movement demanding despite the bad habits our society is imposing. Most of the metabolic diseases that are affecting the richest part of the world in the last decades, including many forms of cancer, are the results of bad lifestyle habits. Poor attention to our food choice, no effort-philosophy, depression, sadness and finally lack of self-esteem, feed a vicious circle that can be very dangerous for our physical and mental health. We have to say NO and react! There are no excuses such as “I have no time”, “I am busy”, because your health must be your priority! Prevention is the best choice ever, therefore start taking care of yourself when you are young, strong and aware. Otherwise? Nutri4LifeStyle is your response. Together we can make the difference!

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